One Year Old!/Asheville Baby Photographer

This evening I met up with a family that I hadn’t seen since the fall.  Things were not working in our favor but they were so easy.  It started raining shortly after the session started and then it started raining a little harder.  We were outside and there was really not anywhere to take pictures that was covered so we found a big tree and kind of hung out there for most of the session.  Whew!  Thank goodness for awesome people!  These two are about to have birthdays!  It was so much fun hanging out with them.  Brother reminded me so much of River!  I haven’t done many family sessions lately and it was so nice to hang out with some big kids again!  Thank you guys for being so easy-going, even in the midst of rain, gnats and some potty accidents.  hehe   It was so awesome to see you all again!  Here are just a couple that I have edited.  More to come later but for now I’ve got eyes that are crossing!  Good night!  zzzz…..

Could she possibly get any cuter?!  Look at her little crossed feet!  Oh my!