ANNOUNCEMENT!!/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I have decided that I am going to offer 5 in-home lifestyle sessions from now until the end of July!  I feel like this is a safe option for right now and am very excited to get back to work!  I will be taking precautions during these sessions by wearing a mask, gloves, and bringing my air purifiers with me.  These sessions can take place within the first month of baby’s life!  See here for examples of past lifestyle sessions:  Please contact me for my pricing guide and to schedule a session!!

Stuck at Home/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

Being stuck at home is making me so anxious to use my camera again.  I’ve been taking lots of on-line photography classes and am so grateful for the photographers who are offering free classes right now!  I’m feeling super inspired and can’t wait to see my clients again!  In the meantime, I have started leaving my camera out on the kitchen counter, which I never do.  I actually never use my camera with my own kids.  It’s always my phone.  So I decided that I needed to start using a real camera to capture this time in our lives.  It’s a time that is affecting us, even more than I realized it would.  My girls are struggling immensely in new ways that I’ve never seen.  It’s so bad that we are finding therapists and talking to doctors.  It’s rough, you guys.  I know you are feeling it too.  We will get through this!!

Baby Lucas/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I loved this family!  They were so in love with their baby boy and made such a great team!  I love working with families but I really love working with first time parents.  There is just something different about how they handle their baby and just gush over every sound and move.  I love it!!  This little guy was so adorable with all that hair but loved hanging out with his eyes wide open.  It was a little bit of work to get through this session but we did it!  😉  Welcome to the world baby Lucas!!