This is Me!/Asheville Newborn Photographer

This past weekend my mom kept all three kids for the first time.  I saw it as an opportunity to go take some head shots.  I was wanting to hire a photographer but decided to just have my husband take them and then I could edit them in my usual style.  It took a little bit of educating to get them right.  lol  I had no idea that my husband didn’t know to focus on my eyes so we ended up having to redo everything because they were all blurry.  I would take a picture of him to show him exactly how I wanted it and then would let him trade places with me.  I think they turned out alright.  We had a lot of fun and it was nice to spend some alone time out in nature!  By the way, if/when you come for a newborn session, I will NEVER look like this!  hehe I am usually in shorts and a tank top with my hair up because my studio is ultra hot!  🙂