Fall is Here!/Asheville Family Photographer

Yesterday, (I know, I know, I always post the day of a session but last night Ryder and I had a hot date! )  😉  I did a session for this family and I had the BEST time hanging out with their little man.  I really put my all into getting him to laugh and smile and it was so worth it to see him having so much fun.  I had never seen him so outgoing.  He’s usually so shy but I think I brought out the best in him.  🙂  He made me remember why I loved teaching so much.  Kids are so much fun!!  And their baby girl, you may recognize from here!  Time goes by so quickly.  She is now 4 months old and is like a living doll!  Just beautiful!  This past weekend, I heard, was the peak weekend for the fall leaves and man, they were gorgeous!  Every time I drive around town, I feel like I’m in some sort of technicolor dream world.  The leaves are amazing!!  I really had a blast with you guys!  Thanks for letting me do photos for you once again!  It has been killing me not to be able to edit them until tonight!