Halloween Time!/Asheville Baby and Child Photographer

Ever since River was born, I have been so excited to do Halloween pictures of him.  Okay, I’ve been excited to do any pictures of him!  But I really wanted to get pictures of him in a pumpkin and he’s just the right age.  I have been looking all over for a pumpkin that was big enough.  Finally I found a pumpkin patch that had a ton of really big pumpkins.  Jackpot!

I took some of Mya too in her costume.  She was not quite as cooperative…sigh.  But I finally got some smiles out of her after she quit crying.  She looks so cute in her costume.  She originally wanted to be Mickey Mouse, not Minnie, but once we found the costume, she decided that Minnie was much cuter and I had to agree!  Gone are the days when I get to choose her sweet, girly little costumes.  😉  No more insects!