1 Already?!

No, no, no!  How can it be?  How can he really be turning 1 already?!  Time sure does fly and that just makes me feel old!  So the very first child that I took pictures of other than Mya was Jaxon.  He was around a month old and I didn’t know what I was doing!  See here.  His momma wanted to use the same blue chair that we used when he was a newborn and that brought a tear to my eye.  If you know me at all, you know I’m one of THE most emotional people that ever lived:  Pisces sign, genes, who knows?  Now here he is a year later, cuter than ever!  He was so easy to work with.  He’s a happy boy, no doubt.  Poor thing, by the time we got around to the cake, he was shivering and just plain miserable.  But he ate some of his cake and when he was done, he let us know!  We made it all better by putting him in a warm bath with Mya….so cute!!  Happy birthday, sweet boy!  Now time, sloooow down!