A Day of Cards

Yesterday afternoon Mya and I made her Valentines cards for her friends.  I bought some with her Valentines pictures for close friends and family and they turned out really cute.  We were going to give those to all of her friends but after spending nearly $50 on those, I said, “No way!  Not paying a dime more for Valentines cards!”  That would be just plain crazy.  $50 is already crazy!  These are the homemade ones.  Well, I say homemade, but what I mean is semi-homemade.  Okay, not homemade at all.  It’s Michaels in a bag!!  😉

This red and blue color combination has become my obsession.  I’m thinking of using those colors for my new website that I am going to have custom made when I win the lottery or start making the big bucks!

I recently got some business cards that I’m very excited about!  They are mini cards, half the size of a regular business card.  Perfectly cute!