Sweet Valentines

Go Saints!  Oh, uh hmmm…I mean today I did Valentines pictures for one of the playgroups that we’re in.  I am so anxious to work on all of the pictures because they are so beyond adorable and I love ALL of them!!  But it’s late and I’ve been up way too late for the past couple of nights looking on-line with Ryder for apartments in N.Y. city.  Yes,  N.Y. city!  Are we crazy?!  Maybe.  😉  So for tonight, here are just two pictures from today.  This little girl makes my heart melt!  As I was taking her pictures, I just couldn’t stop saying, “Oh my gosh!!!  Oh my gosh!!!  She’s so cute!!”  You may recognize her from the Halloween and Christmas pictures.  Oh, she is just one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!  I am so excited about her birthday pictures next month!  More to come tomorrow and throughout the week!