Show It!

My session got rained out this morning 🙁 so I thought that this would be a good time to show some ways to show your pictures in your home.  I just ordered a ton of prints, canvases and mounted prints for our own house because we just didn’t have any family pictures up around the house.  I felt like it was such a shame.  I’m a photographer and I have great pictures stored on my computer of my Mya and none of them were hanging up!  So here are some examples of things you can do with your photos!  These you can order through right now or you can order these through me starting in January from your on-line gallery.

This is a canvas that I ordered for Mya’s room:

This is a side view.  It’s so cool because the picture is wrapped around the canvas.

This is a mounted print that I ordered for our entry:

This is a side view.  It’s very thin and you can order it ready to be hung.  It’s so easy and it looks great!

I also ordered one for our bathroom.  It’s a canvas of this picture, but the lighting in our bathroom is just awful so no actual picture of the canvas.

These are some more creative ways to showcase your photos.  I know that a lot of people are unaware that these even exist!  They, of course, cost more than prints on paper, but they look amazing in your home and can make a big impact, especially in large prints!

Newborn pictures coming tomorrow from this family.  I’m so excited!! So check back tomorrow for some good old fashion baby chub because he is one big boy!