I finally got to do some newborn pictures this morning with my new props and  camera.  I was so excited!  I drove to Elgin to take pictures of my friend’s sweet baby boy, Hamilton.  Isn’t that the coolest name?!  I told them that if we ever have a boy, I might have to steal that name.  😉  He was a total sweet heart and was pretty cooperative.  Once we got him to sleep, he was pretty good about letting us move him all around and change his hats and locations.  And his parents were so open to any idea that I had, moving furniture around, taking him outside.  Those types of parents rock!  Thank you guys for being so flexible and for trusting me.  Thank you also for letting me take his first real photos and for letting me come to your home.  I loved every second of it and it made me realize that I think I might want another little one, …someday soon.  🙂  Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!

Love this one in black and white too, couldn’t decide which one to share:

Just realized that he is facing the same way in every picture.  Hmmm….that must be his best side!