Happy 2nd Birthday River!/Asheville Child Photographer

I can’t believe that my baby bear is turning 2 this week.  I feel like I just did his one year pictures.  Time went by way too quickly.  I love this little man more than I ever could have imagined.  I still can’t believe that I was so scared and worried about having a boy.  I love having a boy.  I love how he loves trains and dump trucks, and bull dozers.  I love watching him climb and jump and rough house.  And as much of a boy as he is, he is still the sweetest, most cuddly child on the planet.  I’ve never met a sweeter child, ever.  I love you so very much my little boy.  I sure hope that the next year goes a little more slowly.  🙁

I almost had to postpone these pictures.  Being the mom of the year that I am, I forgot to put sunscreen on him yesterday while we were out in the sun for the whole morning.  I guess spring is here and I need to start remembering.  On top of that, the balloons that I wanted to get from the party store couldn’t be gotten today.  The party store isn’t open on Sundays.  Boo!  But the weather was so perfect today, finally warm, so we had to take advantage of it!  I decided to do his pictures on the same bridge where I did his one year pictures.  I may do this every year, just for fun.  🙂