Rain, Rain/Asheville Family Photographer

Sometimes I feel like the universe is working against me and some clients.  This family had a session scheduled a while back but we had to reschedule because their oldest son scraped his face up pretty badly at school.  We finally got to do the session tonight and half way through, it started pouring.  🙁  I still got some great shots and can’t wait to finish up our session tomorrow!  On my way home, it stopped raining and this most amazing rainbow came out just as I was coming out of the grocery store!  I had to call home to tell Ryder to wake Mya up so that she could see it.  I just couldn’t keep it to myself.  Of course my phone picture doesn’t even begin to really show how magnificent it was!  Everyone in the parking lot was taking pictures and oohing and aahing.  Something about rainbows just leaves you feeling so happy and at peace.  I couldn’t wait to get home to put River to bed.  🙂  Man, I love my life!  So stay tuned for more of this family coming up tomorrow!

I just loved this little boy.  One year old is the best age!

This little guy was a ton of fun and kept me on my toes!  He was full of energy!