No Rain!/Asheville Baby and Child Photographer

Today I made up some photos that we didn’t get to do because of rain.  It was the perfect day, with perfect light at the perfect location!  Sometimes while taking pictures, I have to try and contain myself because I really want to yell out, “Oh my gosh!  I love this light!!!”  😉  But I don’t.  I just act like my goofy self trying to get a smile out of the kids.  I always worry that someone is going to be walking by and see or hear how silly I’m acting.  lol  If you ever see me in action, just ignore me.  I get a little crazy but it’s all worth it for a smile!  Thank you guys for a perfect evening.  I’m in love with your photos!

I did newborn photos for this little man.  He has gotten HUGE!!  He is such a big, cuddly boy.  I just think he’s adorable!

But he wasn’t interested in me.  He was much more interested in the flowers.  He even tried to eat a few.  😉

These next two gave me a fright a few times.  They were not fans of any sort of bug, spider, or bee.  They screamed a few times so loudly that I almost had a heart attack.  😉  I told them that next time, we were going to be in the studio.  lol  They were so cute and so easy to get smiles out of!

And this is their new baby sister!