Happy 4th Birthday!/Asheville Child and Birthday Photographer

Next weekend Mya will be turning 4!  I love this age.  I really do.  And I can say that with an honest face because this girl has been a tough little firecracker!  She has gotten so much easier and I can’t be happier!  I blame that on many things:  occupational therapy that she started in December, a HUGE change in diet, and maturity.  She is now the sweetest little thing and I love her more than life itself!  She was so very excited about these pictures.  I think she was more excited about these than she is her actual birthday!  I’ve been getting stuff ready for these pictures for a few weeks and she just loved seeing everything come together.  She kept asking if this bear or that bear could come to her tea party.  😉  I decided to do this tea party setting with her bears because if you know Mya, you know that she LOVES having tea in the afternoons and has for a long time.  I blame it on her English roots.  I love sitting on the back porch with her and drinking tea after her “nap”.  Yeah, I said, “Nap” because I am in major denial that that nap is gone!  For the past week, she hasn’t slept and I’m very upset about this.  Her nap time is my work time!  So looks like I might be working some late nights now.  zzzz  But back on track!  I wanted to put Mya’s bears in the pictures because her bears are her buddies.  Papa Bear, she will tell you, is her best friend!  He is like a member of our family.  He got left one day at the mall and a friend of mine, knowing exactly how important he is to us, raced over there and rescued him.  I actually cried thanking her because I knew that if we didn’t get him back, our lives would not be the same and because Mya was so heartbroken when she discovered his disappearance.  I had so much fun putting this session together for my girl.  Happy 4th birthday to the smartest, most beautiful, sweetest, quirkiest little girl I know:  my sweet pea!  I love you!

She had been asking if River was going to get to have a cupcake with her so I decided to let him crash the tea party.  These pictures make me laugh so hard.  He was SO funny!  When I was setting all of this up, he was very interested and tried his darndest to destroy everything!  He’s at that stage where he just wants to grab, tear, and throw everything down.  lol  Well, when he got to sit at the table, he just sat there and looked at me like, “What?  Really?  I get to actually touch this stuff now?!”  He didn’t know how to eat the cupcake and decided he didn’t like the icing on his fingers.  So he came up with a plan.  He dipped his tea cup into the icing and would lick the icing off.  He did this over and over.  Mya and I were laughing so hard at him!  He’s a funny boy.