Happy 2nd Birthday, Mya!!

So my baby girl is turning 2 tomorrow.  I’m not upset like I was when she turned one.  When she turned one, I cried and cried.  I even cried at her party!  This year, I’m happy that she’s getting older.  I’m ready for the terrible 2’s to be over with.  She’s our little firecracker.  She knows what she wants, when she wants it and she will let you know!  But we love her more than you could ever imagine.  She is beautiful and perfect in every way.  I took these pictures when the bluebonnets were out and she was so happy!  She loves flowers so that made it easier.  If you keep up with my blog, you know that she normally screams bloody murder anytime I get the camera out.  But this time I told her that I was just taking pictures of the flowers.  Meanwhile, Ryder got behind me and acted really goofy to get her to laugh.  It worked!  Thank goodness!  Happy birthday to my cinco de mayo baby!

My favorite one: