Almost 2

Seen enough of Mya lately?  Yes, I know, I’ve been posting a lot of her lately.  Business is slow right now.  That’s all my doing so that we could really pack and get things ready for the move.  I don’t do so well with a million things on my plate.  I start to freak out and bite the inside of my cheek and become kind of grouchy.  Nobody needs to be subjected to that from me.  lol  So once we get moved and settled and business is back to normal, there will be lots of other beautiful faces to observe on my blog.  Promise!

Wow, before my very eyes, our baby girl is turning into a little girl.  🙁  Okay, not that sad.  Toddlerhood is um, well, let’s just say, challenging!!!  I posted a video of her on our family blog the other day of one of her tantrums.  I will spare you, but believe me, it’s pretty bad these days.  But then there are great days too.  Like yesterday.  We got the water table out and Mya had such a great time.  She played with it for over an hour.  She was so happy and therefore, so was I!  So I am ready for the terrible 2’s to be over with already.  Oh yeah, she’s not even two yet!  Not for 2 more weeks!  Oh man.

She’s getting so thin 🙁  Look at that tummy.  It’s almost gone!

And her thighs?  What thighs?  No more rolls.

Baby, difficult toddler, no matter what she is, she’s my sweet girl.  Love you “Boo Boos”.  😉