Oh, You Crazy Time Change!

This morning I met up with one of my favorite little clients for her first birthday pictures.  Her mom asked me a long time ago to do birthday pictures for her and we have both been very excited about it.  Her daughter is so much like Mya that we call her mini Mya.  😉  Well this morning, she proved us right.  She is still like my Mya.  Poor thing did not want her pictures taken.  She had her birthday party yesterday and was so wound up that she didn’t go to sleep until midnight and then had to be up an extra hour early because of the time change.  On top of that, she was shivering because it was pretty chilly outside this morning.  After us trying for a while to help her feel better, we finally gave up and decided to just come back this afternoon and try again after a nap.  It’s just not like her to be fussy when I take her pictures.  She’s usually just so peaceful.  So I’m looking forward to meeting up with them again, but in the mean time, here are a few that I got this morning.  Isn’t she just so beautiful?!

This one made my eyes fill up with tears because I’m just a big ole sap!!  I just couldn’t stop thinking about these two dancing the father daughter dance later down the road at her wedding and it made my heart just ache because right now, she’s such a daddy’s girl.  She just wanted him, nobody else, to hold her and it was just precious!  And here come the tears again!  Ugh, so embarrassing sometimes!