Look Out Bill Gates!

Today I had the longest newborn session I’ve ever had, about 4 hours, because I met the little guy that is going to do great things in this world.  He seriously is ready to take on the world.  I have never seen a newborn who is so alert and so strong!  This baby is one week old and was already holding his upper body and head up with his arms and was looking around!  For a long time!  I mean, I’ve seen some strong babies, but woah!!!  Thank you guys for being patient with me.  I know you’re exhausted right now and I appreciate you letting me take the time to get some good shots for you.  I’m so excited for you and it brings back so many memories of when Mya was born.  What a beautiful life you have in front of you!

My favorite shot of the day!  What is a family?  It’s this right here!  So much love and so many new adventures yet to unfold.

Check out those lips and that red hair!  Soo precious.

Happy early Easter!