Sweet Family!

This morning I took pictures for my neighbors again.  I LOVE this family and am really sad to say that they are moving away.  🙁  I got to take pictures for them one last time.  I have taken pictures for them two other times:  see here, here, and here.  Their children are all so much fun and so unique.  When they argue, I think it’s cute and it makes me laugh.  I know the parents don’t think it’s the least bit cute but being with them, you just get this great “Now that’s a real family” feel!  We’re going to miss you guys so much!  We loved having you next door.  (By the way, if anyone is in the market for a beautiful house next to some awesome neighbors ;), uh hmmm, that would be us, let me know!)  I have many, many pictures to share, but here are a few for now!




Little bit of vintage: