Cast Schmast!

Mya has started walking running on her cast and it has made me into a super paranoid momma!  For those of you who don’t know, Mya has already chipped her two front teeth a while back and having those fixed was a major ordeal.  I just fear that happening again.  Just picture us showing up at the ER with a daughter in a cast and her two front teeth chipped.  Umm,….”Can someone call CPS, please?”  On top of this broken leg, she has been sick all week and also has a canine coming in.  I hear those are the worst ever and I am not sure if I can agree, because it’s hard to tell how much pain the tooth is causing when she’s just crying all day long from her throat and her tooth.  Being in the house all day for 4 days in a row with an extremely fussy little one is pretty dang hard, let me tell you!  So tonight, it is momma’s night out before momma goes a little batty!!  Bring on the martinis!  (I have 2 sessions coming up this weekend that I’m beyond excited about so new pictures coming soon.)