Happiness is…

I knew this morning when I got up that my session with this family was going to be great!  I looked outside and it was overcast, much better than super bright sun, which is what I’ve been having to deal with a lot lately.  I knew that it was going to be even better when this family got out of their car and unloaded  a wagon, a little chair and lots of changes of clothes along with snacks, drinks,….  They were really prepared and that made me happy!  And I knew it was really going to be great when as soon as I got the camera out, this little guy started flashing smiles left and right, making my job sooo incredibly easy and fun!!  It only took us a little over an hour!  Thank you little fellow!  You rock!  😉





So adorable.  And yeah, I see the drool, but it’s cute!



A little bit of vintage.  🙂



I love this one:  such a happy, loving family!