Growing Up

Today my baby girl turned 18 months.  I’ve been so excited about doing her 18 month pictures.  I always get excited about doing her pictures, even though she hates it so much!  Today wasn’t so bad, mainly because she has a cast on her leg and can’t walk.  Now I remember what it was like taking her pictures before she could walk!  The thing that was bad were the mosquitoes!  Every time I put the camera up to my eye, I could just see them swarming all around her.  Thank goodness she had bug spray on!  (One thing to never, ever forget for a photo session!)   I put her in the car to drive to a second location just down the road and my car was full of mosquitoes and 3 bees!  Nature, always getting in the way of my job.  😉  Man, this time change is crazy! I took Mya out at 4:00 and the sun was still just a tad too bright and by 5:15, it was getting dark.  I guess mornings are going to be my best time for sessions so that there is enough time!  I love you, sweet Mya!!  Happy 1/2 birthday!

I’m going to post some vintage style pictues as well as the regular colored ones.  I love them both.  FYI:  If you book a session with me, you get both!  🙂


How did I get her to smile?  I started saying numbers.  That’s it.  All out of order and she thought it was hilarious!!