Calling All Babies!

Lately I have been on the look out for some really cute newborn photo props and boy have I found them!!!  I have gotten a ton of adorable little hats, diaper  covers, swaddlers, baskets, antique benches, wheel barrows, flower pots.  You name it!  I am so beyond excited to use them.  I have a few newborn sessions set up already and I’m so excited.  I did a newborn session for my very first session ever for my friend Kelly.  I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  I was so nervous that I was sick.  I did a couple more in the beginning but now I’m ready fo real!  I’ve gotten a lot of practice since then and a much better camera so I’m armed and ready to go!  So all of you babies out there all warm and snug in your mommy’s tummy, do a little kicking and tell your momma to contact me!  😉