Tonight I got to photograph our neighbor’s daughter.  She made me remember why I loved teaching kindergarten so much.  She was so adorable!  She kept coming up with what she wanted to do and I loved all of her ideas.  She is a natural born model!  Thanks to her mom for letting her stay up past her bedtime!marissa3marissa2


Annie!-Austin Child Photographer


This morning I msite19et up with a friend of mine and her daughter, Annie, in Austin.  I LOVE Austin and this part of town really has so much funkiness.  I’ve been wanting to take pictures of Annie for a long time because she is just so cute.  I never thought they would ask, and finally they did!  Yeah!  Thanks, Kristen, for making the drive all the way down theresite15.





Thank you Rain!-Austin Child Photographer


There is a huge patch of bright yellow flowers in our neighborhood that I just noticed yesterday so I had to take Mya out there this morning when it quit raining to get some pictures.  Of course I lost my lens cap while out there, but I ended up finding it, after lots of searching, but it was worth it!