Look Who’s 2!!

This evening I took pictures for a close friend and her family.  Her daughter is turning 2 at the end of the month.  She is the sweetest, most beautiful little girl.  And she is such a trooper!!  It was so cold at the park today and she laughed and smiled through chattering teeth.  Her parents are some of the first people that trusted me to take pictures for their family when I was doing photos for free.  I think I’ve come a long way since then.  😉  Looking back, I am embarrassed at the pictures I did for them before.  I hope these make up for those!  Thank you guys for freezing with me today!

Mya, Please Don’t Cry-a!

This morning I tried to take some Christmas pictures of Mya for our Christmas cards.  As usual, she hated it and started crying as soon as I started to take her to the rocking chair.  I’m not talking just crying, I’m talking like the neighbors are going to call CPS kind of crying, like her world was about to end!  Oh mercy!  I really wanted to take Mya’s pictures outside, but it has just been so cold lately so I took them on our back porch instead.  I’m taking pictures for our playgroup tomorrow, so I already had it all set up so I decided to give it a go.  Ryder kind of freaked out when I asked him to help me with Mya.  He knows how she is and he knows that it’s not going to go well.  I know that too, but I’m always in denial.  I even bribed her, but that didn’t work, AT ALL!  I gave her some juice ahead of time because that usually makes her all giddy and happy and I even told her that if she smiled she could have some chocolate, which she never, ever gets.  That backfired because then she wouldn’t let us take the chocolate away so that I could take her pictures.  That’s why she’s holding a cup.  At least it’s red!  Her teeth were all brown from the chocolate, so even if she did smile, it would look like she was in need of a major visit to a dentist.  Here’s to hoping that the playgoup’s pictures go better than Mya’s!

And here’s the crying shot:  Happens every time!  😉

Tidal Waves!

You might recognize these people.  I took their pictures again this past weekend.  I usually have a few pictures to post the day of a session, but I have been swamped here lately!!  I even had a nightmare that I was being chased by tidal waves the other night!  Yikes!  So I am getting caught up.  Have been working like a mad woman every chance I get.  So neighbors, here are a couple of pictures finally.  🙂

What little girl doesn’t just adore her momma?

Sweet Girl

This morning, I took pictures of this sweet girl.  I’m on my way out the door for another session, but I just had to share at least one picture!  Makes me wish that I had pictures of Mya like this!  Thanks to the super cool mom and dad for letting me come into their home and hang out for the morning.  More to come later today!  (Okay, added some more!)  And some more, and some more!  She’s just so adorable.

The cutest baby room I’ve ever seen!

The proud, big brother:

Gotta include some vintage.  🙂

Howdy Neighbor!

I took pictures for my neighbors this morning. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again. We have the BEST neighbors in the world. Ryder and I moved around a lot as kids so it was important for us to move into a home where we could get to know all of our neighbors and to have a place where Mya could grow up with friends. We have found that place. I feel like we are a small little community right on our block. It’s so great! We are very lucky! So these neighbors are so cool! Their house is across the street from ours and when we moved in, they were the only other house on our street that was completed and had people in it. So we met them first. We knew they were some really great people right from the start! I took pictures for them a while back for father’s day, but this time, it was the whole family. They were so open to any suggestions. We even broke a few rules at the park, oooo, wild and crazy! 😉 I had a great time with you guys and always love seeing you. See you again soon, neighbors!

LOVE this hill!!!!  It’s my favorite place to take pictures!

Good grief!  Don’t they just make you sick?!  Ugh!  😉