18 Months!/Asheville Baby Photographer

I can’t believe Piper is 18 months old!  I would normally be sad about her growing up but for some reason, I’m not anymore.  I love seeing her personality develop because it’s really coming out, the feistiness and all.  hehe  I love that life is getting easier as she gets older.  I want her to be able to do what the “big kids” are doing!  This little girl has been poked and prodded and seen by so many specialists and it makes me so sad everything that she has to go through.  But she is still so happy and I know it’s going to make her one very strong lady someday.  She definitely won’t be afraid of pain like her momma!  So these pictures were very simple.  I didn’t buy her any new clothes or really put a whole lot of thought into it.  I think it’s because our walls are overflowing with photos right now, but she deserves great 18 month pictures just like Mya and River and I think these are so beautiful, like she is!  Happy 18 months to one amazing little girl!!





She kept coming up and hugging me so I asked Ryder to please get a picture!  I just don’t have many pictures with me in them with the kids!