Leaves/Asheville Child Photographer

This evening we went to take some 18 month pictures of Piper.  With Mya and River I had these big plans of what we were going to do for their 18 month pictures and went all out.  I didn’t know what to do for Piper’s and have been putting it off, so this morning, before everyone got up, I laid in bed and thought to myself, “If a client asked me to find a great spot for a session for their 18 month old today, where would I take them?”  It finally dawned on me, to a colorful spot with lots of fall leaves!  And there are lots of those right in our neighborhood!  So we took the kids down the road and let them play in the leaves!  River had a great time!  I will be posting Piper’s pictures later this week, but I love this picture of River.  He’s such a boy!  He’s so wild, so full of energy, just like a puppy dog.  lol  But I love him more than words can even say!