Gig ‘Em!

This afternoon I had one of the BEST sessions I’ve ever had!!  I did engagement pictures for this awesome couple.  They were so cool that they even let me take pictures at UT when they both went to Texas A&M!  😉  I love doing engagement pictures.  I had a great time and am afraid I’m going to end up blogging their entire session because I love their pictures that much!  For now, here are some that I’ve finished.  You guys ROCKED it out today!  Thank you for being so photogenic and fun!

Love this in Vintage too:

A Little Bit of Hair

So Mya has just enough hair to put it in some pigtails so today, that’s what I did.  She was sooooo excited about it and laughed and smiled when I showed her in the mirror.  She even said it was okay for me to take her picture and she didn’t cry!  Woah, what’s happening here?  I told her that her Mimi wanted to see her picture so I think that’s what made it all okay.  So momma, even if she won’t talk to you on the phone anymore, she does still love you!!  I have some engagement pictures coming up on Sunday that I’m VERY excited about.  You know in between sessions, I just have to share pictures of Mya.  Aren’t you lucky readers?!  😉

I Needed That Laugh!

This afternoon I took pictures for this AWESOME family!!  I was very excited to meet them.  The mom had emailed me a long time back.  The dad was one of the funniest people I think I’ve ever met.  We kept blaming it on lack of sleep, but really, I think he’s just that funny!  They were a blast to hang out with and were soooo layed back!  I almost didn’t want to leave because they were so much fun.  They are going to be some amazing parents.  Thank you, guys, for letting me into your home!  You’re going to have such a wonderful life with that precious little girl!

I was so glad to see that they had their tree still up and since the baby was born right before Christmas, we had to get a shot of her in front of it!

I didn’t realize how small her feet were until we put them next to her mom’s!  Look at how precious they are!

All Growed Up

This morning my friend Kelly and her little boy came by to hang out.  I say “little boy” because I haven’t seen him a whole lot since he was born and wow, time sure does fly.  He is getting so big!  He was the first baby/kid/person I ever took pictures of besides Mya.  I can’t believe that this was him!  And now he will be one year old in February.  Had fun with you guys this morning!  I miss you!  Quit teaching and come and hang out with us everyday.  😉

And one of my sweet girl from breakfast this morning.  I love how she crosses her feet while she’s eating.  So sweet!

Happy Belated Holidays

Wow, I can’t believe Christmas is over.  I just don’t want to take down our tree yet.  🙁  I love having it up and I love the smell of my Christmas candles.  I love how cozy our house feels right now.

If you haven’t noticed, I have not been doing any sessions over the holidays.  I wanted to take a break to have time with my family and to get some things figured out with my business.  Today I was working on some new Photoshop techniques and began working on this picture of one of my favorite little models.

Isn’t she so beautiful?  I hope that everyone had happy holidays and really took the time to enjoy what it’s all about:  family!  I’ll be back soon!!  I haven’t disappeared.  🙂