Baby Girl/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

This was one of my favorite sessions ever. I felt so at home with this family and laughed so much. I love when I go into family’s homes and they make me feel so at ease. This session was booked by the grandmother. Sometimes with those sessions, the parents are not super excited about the session but this family was awesome! This little girl is so lucky to be born into such a loving, sweet family! ~Brandy Lewis (Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer)

Neutrals/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

This baby boy was so adorable and sweet!! And these neutral colors looked so beautiful with his skin tones! I’m loving getting to meet so many new families this year! Its’ been a crazy last couple of years but I feel like things are finally getting back to normal with my business and it’s actually booming which is awesome! I’m doing lots of studio and in-home newborn sessions. I’m hoping to do some outdoor newborn sessions as well because those are my favorites, especially with baby girls when the flowers are all in bloom! Please don’t wait to book. It’s best to contact me in your second trimester of pregnancy to make sure I have an opening around your due date. ~Brandy Lewis (Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer)

So Loved/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

This sweet boy is so loved and adorable. I love that I met his momma at his cousin’s newborn session a while back so when they walked in, I was so excited to see that she and her beautiful wife now had their own new baby! They have such a sweet love story!! I hope you are all doing well. It was lovely to meet your family! ~Brandy Lewis (Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer)

Niko/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

This baby boy was so tiny and curled up so easily. There are some babies that when they arrive, they are chunky and adorable but I know they aren’t going to curl up like this. Every baby curls up and prefers to be posed differently. Our son was a giant baby and I couldn’t even pull his legs in. lol He was born like a 3 month old! This little guy was so sweet and amazing at his session! He barely made a peep! I loved meeting you guys and hope you are doing well!! ~Brandy Lewis (Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer)

Beautiful Angel/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I’ve known this family for what seems like forever! I did newborn photos of their oldest and then 6 month photos and some family sessions. I was so excited to get to meet their newest baby girl and to get to see all of them again! It was fun doing sibling photos and seeing their oldest as a big sister. She is so sweet with her new sister and wants to help which is just adorable. This baby girl might have a bit different personality, a little more outgoing and opinionated. 😉 At least she is now. It’s interesting to see the different personalities in children that come from the same families. I know our three kids are all completely different! I can’t wait to watch this girl grow! She sure is beautiful!! ~Brandy Lewis (Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer)