Lifestyle Session/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I LOVE lifestyle sessions.  I love my studio sessions but the in-home sessions are definitely my favorites.  I feel like I get a chance to really get to know a family because the session time isn’t spent being quiet trying to get the baby to sleep.  We get to hang out and just take photos of what normally goes on!  This family had the most beautiful home!  And their kids were so much fun and SO cute!!  I really loved this session so much!!  Thank you guys for inviting me into your home to document this very special time!

Tiny Boy/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I took things very slowly over the summer only doing a few sessions so that I could be totally present with my kids!   They are now back in school and I am back in business full swing!  I love relaxing summer days but I missed meeting new families and their sweet new babies!  Fall is just around the corner and those dates are filling in super fast!  I’m starting to wonder what was happening 9 months back from September and October to cause this baby boom.  😉

I love this one in color and black and white!

Baby Lucas/Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

I loved this family!  They were so in love with their baby boy and made such a great team!  I love working with families but I really love working with first time parents.  There is just something different about how they handle their baby and just gush over every sound and move.  I love it!!  This little guy was so adorable with all that hair but loved hanging out with his eyes wide open.  It was a little bit of work to get through this session but we did it!  😉  Welcome to the world baby Lucas!!