Sweet Family/Asheville Family Photographer

This month is all about the family sessions.  So many families booked their sessions a long time back since this is the perfect time of year with the fall leaves.  I even booked one for our own family!  GASP!  lol  I hadn’t done a family session in quite some time.  It’s a nice change of pace from the newborns for now.  This family was scheduled for yesterday but it rained all day long.  We were having a hard time coming up with a new plan since dad works out of town, so I suggested an in-home session in the morning.  It would be so stress-free.  They wouldn’t even have to leave their house or worry about being back home for nap time.  Sunrise is at 7:30.  After I sent that I started to wonder what the heck I was thinking!!  Sunday is my only day to sleep in and by sleep in, I mean sleep until 7:00.  lol  I hadn’t done a morning session in about 6 years!  But once I got on the road and started driving, it was actually really peaceful.  I had the car and radio all to myself!  Nobody was on the road.  The sun was starting to come up and the sky was turning pink.  And then the family was perfect!  I’ve done 5 sessions for them now so I feel like I know them and I love getting to see them, especially spunky little Ava.  She is SO cute!  And she’s such a great big sister to her little brother who is about to turn one, which blows my mind.  I feel like he was just at my studio for his newborn session!  I absolutely adored everything about this session.  I love family sessions at home.  They are just so real and how cool will it be for the family to look back 10 or 20 years from now and say, “Wow, look at how small the kids were, right there on our front steps.”  Thank you guys again for allowing me to come into your home and capture the real moments!!




Ava insisted on holding her Minnie Mouse and her Minnie blanket.  She was so excited to take pictures in her room and wanted her things right there with her.  It was precious.  I love her smile so much.  She lights up the entire room!