Happy 7th Birthday!/Asheville Child Photographer

Can it really be that I have a 7 year old?!  When I hear from her school that she is a “rising 2nd grader”, I just can’t believe it.  I still feel like she’s only in kindergarten!  But I have friends with kids who are graduating high school so I guess 7 isn’t that crazy.  lol This girl is so amazing!  She’s the most brilliant child I’ve ever known.  I knew something was up with her when she could read at the age of 2.  Now after having two other children, I see how special she really is!  What I thought was normal is actually exceptional.  She’s such an animal lover.  If she finds worms on the sidewalk, she takes them to the dirt and buries them.  She is always so concerned for any lost dogs that she sees.  She wants to pet every dog walking by and always asks their name.  She’s just such a sweet soul.  She has definitely been my most challenging child but when you’ve got that much knowledge going through your mind at all times, life has to be a little hard.  I can’t wait to see what this girl does in the world.  I love her little self!  Happy 7th birthday to my first baby!