4 Years Old!/Asheville Child Photographer

I can’t believe I’m typing this.  River is turning 4!  In some ways I’m having a hard time with him growing up so quickly, but in other ways, it’s kind of nice.  He had a VERY long case of the terrible two’s.  lol  He’s finally out of that phase, thank God.  So now we can have our sweet little boy back.  And he really is so sweet.  Sometimes I just can’t even believe how lucky we are to have such a kind, caring, amazing little boy.  I would be okay with time slowing down now because before we know it, he’s going to be off to kindergarten and that I can’t handle.  That will not be a happy day for me.  My husband has already said that I’m not allowed to take him on the first day.  hehe When my kids have birthdays, I can’t help but think back to the day they were born.  I’ll never forget the absolute joy that I felt the minute they put River on my chest.  It was like nothing I had ever experienced.  He has been a huge light in our lives ever since.  I would do anything to go back and relive that early morning, okay maybe not the pain of it because good golly he was a big baby.  lol  But that moment when I first met him was a memory that will stay with me forever.  I was so sleep deprived by the time he finally made it into the world but I felt like I was on cloud nine for a few days.  He made me so very happy!  Okay, I have to stop typing all of this or I’m going to be wanting another baby.  So happy, happy day to my beautiful little Pisces!


Getting River to this spot was kind of tricky.  I had to get the crate in the water, and then carry him over and get him sat down and then go find a good spot to stand to take his picture.  As soon as I got to where I was going to stand, he said he had to pee!  What?!  lol



I’ve taken his picture on this bridge every year since his first birthday.  It’s not my favorite spot but I had to do it for old time’s sake!


“Are we done now?  Can I throw rocks in the water now?”  Boys!