Piper is 1!/Asheville Birthday Photographer

Oh how time flies.  I just can’t believe that a year has passed since this amazing little girl entered our lives.  I can’t imagine how we did it without her.  She’s the sweetest little baby and I love that I get to be her mom.  We did her pictures at the Biltmore House since we did my maternity pictures there a week before she was born.  I was excited to go back and be in those same places where we took pictures but this time she would be with us!  It brought back so many memories being there, the excitement and nervousness of not knowing what things were going to be like once she was born.  The doctors had us scared to death and I was also really nervous about what it was going to be like having three young kids.  The three young kids part has actually not been so hard.  The doctors scaring us part, well, we’re still figuring everything out and hope to get answers here in the next few weeks.

Taking pictures at the Biltmore House is stressful.  It involves getting there so early before the gates close and just hanging out until the light is right.  Last year, it was great and the kids were wonderful.  This year, hmmm…well, the kids were a little crazy!  River was so exhausted since he isn’t taking naps anymore and ended up tripping and falling into the rocks right onto his forehead, all before deciding that he had to have some pennies out of a wishing pond and getting his clothes soaked.  Mya was wild and was all over the place.  Piper was not happy and I am not sure why but it was so hard getting her to smile.  She was terrified of the balloons and screamed and cried if they came near her.  I ended up losing her headband that I really wanted her to wear, one that she wore for her newborn pictures, for sentimental reasons.  There wasn’t any sun and we had to carry the stroller up a gajillion stairs.  It just wasn’t how I envisioned it at all.  When we left, I wasn’t happy with the pictures that we got, but well, it is what it is.  And that’s all I can say about that.  lol  I commend all of my clients for doing sessions with a photographer.  It is stressful as a parent!  I’m glad it’s over but I’m glad we have these pictures to commemorate such a very special birthday!  So in the end, it was all worth it!  Happy birthday to my beautiful little Piper!

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“Don’t you dare come near me, you balloons!”  😉



She fed me cake and had it ALL over my face, hair and shirt!  LOL






I wanted a picture of me and Piper in the tulips since we did some maternity pictures there.  Thanks Ryder!