Baby Blues/Asheville Baby Photographer

Yesterday I did another in-home session.  These are starting to be my favorites and I think I see my business moving into a whole new direction!  I just needed someone to shake me out of my comfort zone!  This baby girl was SO beautiful.  The parents thought I say that about every baby but I mean, really,this girl was so pretty!  Her eyes were amazing and she was so sweet.  I loved holding her and talking to her.  I now know how I can fix my everlasting baby fever!  😉  Sorry it took so long for a sneak peak, but my computer decided to uh, blow up, not literally, but it did go totally crazy and wouldn’t start back up.  My husband is so amazing and worked on it constantly until it was fixed.  Thank God for him!  Can anyone say “Ulcer”?!!  Here are just a few of the pictures that I’ve had the chance to edit so far.


Her Grandmother was there so I got a few shots of her while she took a little snooze: