5 Months Old/Asheville Baby Photographer

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the happiest, sweetest baby in the world:  Piper!  🙂  Piper turned 5 months old last week so I thought I would get a few cute pictures of her playing with her feet like she always does.  She didn’t feel like it on this day, but we still got some cute pictures.  I love this girl so very much and the thought of her growing up kills me.  I’m happy that she is so small. It makes it feel like she’s not growing up quite so fast!  By the way, if you’re tired of seeing my children, have no fear, this is my last week of maternity leave.  Starting next week, it’s back to work I go!  I’ve got my first session with some of my favorite clients from NYC!  They are going to be in TN and are traveling over to Asheville for a session. I’m very excited to see them!  It has been a long time!

My hubby got a picture of me and Piper together. The last one we took was right after she was born, so it was time.  If my kids don’t remember anything from their childhood, the one thing that I do want them to remember is how much I loved them everyday!