Kindergarten!/Asheville Child Photographer

Mya started kindergarten recently!  I will be the first to admit that it broke my heart.  I finally had to stop being the one to take her because I teared up every time!  I’m kind of glad that the school won’t let us walk in anymore because now I don’t have to walk down those long halls and pretend like I don’t see the people I’m passing so that they can’t see the tears in my eyes. 😉  As a teacher, I never used to understand parents like me!  Now I totally get it!  I just can’t stop thinking about how she and I were buddies for 3 years before River was born. We learned how to meet friends together for playdates. We navigated our way around Manhattan together.  I learned how to be a parent with her.  We did everything together and we used to always tell each other that we were best friends!  So now I don’t have my buddy with me each day and it’s hard, for me and River. Poor thing, he just doesn’t know how to play without her. I feel so bad for him. But he is loving all of the attention that he gets from me.  We spend our mornings at home while Piper takes her morning nap learning letters, numbers, reading, doing puzzles and crafts.  He loves it and so do I.  But come 2:30, I’m very excited to see my other buddy!  I know this is going to be a great year for Mya.  We absolutely are thrilled with her teacher!  So my big girl, I miss you more than ever but am so happy to see you turn into your own little person!