Lil Pumpkins/Asheville Baby and Child Photographer

Yesterday I did Halloween pictures for my Meetup group.  Yeah, I know, I normally post about my sessions the night of, but this “morning sickness”, as they call it, is really kicking my booty at night!  And my muscles are so sore, especially my abs, from laying on the ground, trying to get those perfect shots.  Man, sessions are going to get tough the further along I get with this pregnancy.  Or maybe I’m just getting old and out of shape.  lol  But I had the best time with these kids.  I love kids so very much and love that I get to still work with them, even though I’m not teaching anymore.  What a perfect evening spent with some very cool parents and some super cute kids!  Thank you guys!  Hope you all have a fun Halloween and hopefully it warms up because right now it is fr-fr-fr-freeeeeezing out!!  😉

This might be my favorite picture of all time that I’ve taken. I love everything about it.  Her momma is the most creative lady ever and Ava is the sweetest little girl who is the perfect model!

This is River’s little buddy.  I just love her!!  Her personality is like a huge ray of sunshine.  I had so much fun with her, playing in the leaves and carrying the pumpkins around.  She had a blast and so did I!  Isn’t her costume so cute?  Her momma made it.  These mommas are starting to make me look bad with my store bought costumes!  😉

These three are so cute!  And it’s so easy to get them to smile!  It just amazes me how easy it is to get them all to look and smile at the same time, a photographer’s dream!

The cutest baby costume ever!!

Remember this cutie from a recent session?  We got her to smile!  Yeah!  But she still made us work for it.  😉

I haven’t seen this little man in so long!  He’s still the happiest thing but I was expecting him to still be this immobile little baby.  Well, duh, of course he isn’t that little baby anymore.  He’s a very active little boy who wants to walk!  Everywhere!  😉  It was so great seeing you guys again!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Hope you get lots of treats!