A Morning at the Beach/Asheville Child Photographer

We just got back from a week in Heaven, I mean a week at the beach!  We went to Myrtle Beach, the beach that I grew up going to every summer.  It was so nostalgic for me to be there again.  I recognized the hotel that we used to stay at without even knowing the name.  I saw the pancake house that we used to eat breakfast at.  I saw where I rode my first roller coaster.  Being there took me straight back to my childhood and all of the good memories that I had with my grandparents.  The whole time we were there I had dreams about them.  Made me miss them so much.

I knew that while we were there I wanted to take pictures of Mya on the beach.  The first day there is the day that I should have done it.  She was happier than I have ever seen her in my life.  The beach was her place!  And then as the week went on, she got really, really sick.  🙁  But she still wanted to go to the beach and spend the days at the pool in the lazy river.  On our last day there, she was feeling better, so I got her up early and took her to the beach to do pictures.  She still loved it but was so worn down from the week and from not sleeping (yeah, we decided to put her and River in the same room….ohhhh boy, nobody slept!)  And the sun was just too bright, even at 7:45!  So I didn’t get the pictures that I had wanted so badly, but I got time alone with my girl.  After we finished taking pictures, we sat on our towel and watched the ocean and the paddle surfers.  It was so peaceful and a time that I’ll never forget.  I miss the beach so much and wish we were still there, but now I have some pictures to remind me of the amazing time that we had.  I love you my sweet, sweet girl!

Happy 18 Months/Asheville Toddler Photographer

Tonight I did River’s 18 month pictures.  I still just can’t believe he’ll be 1 1/2 tomorrow.  🙁  Time has gone so, so quickly and it makes me sad.  He has been the sweetest child……up until this week.  Man, he has become a full-on toddler!  Now when I take him places and he doesn’t want to leave, he just sits on the floor and refuses to move.  Oh boy, here we go!  lol  It’s hard to wrangle a 30 lb. boy!  But even when he acts this way, I just look at him and have to smile to myself because I still think he’s the cutest little boy that ever lived and I know that in 2 minutes, he’s going to be giving me one of his big hugs that I love so much.

We went to the River Arts District.  I’ve wanted to check that place out, but I picked a really bad night.  There just happened to be a music festival going on down there tonight.  So we didn’t get the exact spots that I wanted, but we still made it work.  And when I thought of this location, I imagined these cool pictures of River on the train tracks.  Well, little did I know that he is terrified of trains!  Oh no!  But we got some cute pictures and really, I don’t have much more room for pictures in our house.  I may have to invest in some sort of huge electronic frame that changes pictures every few seconds.  😉  Happy 18 months to my sweet, funny, beautiful, loving, joyful little man!  You have no idea how happy you make me everyday!  And for a look back, here are Mya’s 18 month pictures.  I still love them!

Day 2/Asheville Family Photographer

On Sunday I met up with my family from Saturday so that we could make up our rained out session.  I’m so glad the weather cooperated.  It was such a beautiful day and the light was just gorgeous!  Thank you guys for meeting up with me a second time, even if it was right smack dab in the middle of a very important football game!  😉  So here is part two!

Rain, Rain/Asheville Family Photographer

Sometimes I feel like the universe is working against me and some clients.  This family had a session scheduled a while back but we had to reschedule because their oldest son scraped his face up pretty badly at school.  We finally got to do the session tonight and half way through, it started pouring.  🙁  I still got some great shots and can’t wait to finish up our session tomorrow!  On my way home, it stopped raining and this most amazing rainbow came out just as I was coming out of the grocery store!  I had to call home to tell Ryder to wake Mya up so that she could see it.  I just couldn’t keep it to myself.  Of course my phone picture doesn’t even begin to really show how magnificent it was!  Everyone in the parking lot was taking pictures and oohing and aahing.  Something about rainbows just leaves you feeling so happy and at peace.  I couldn’t wait to get home to put River to bed.  🙂  Man, I love my life!  So stay tuned for more of this family coming up tomorrow!

I just loved this little boy.  One year old is the best age!

This little guy was a ton of fun and kept me on my toes!  He was full of energy!