A Morning at the Beach/Asheville Child Photographer

We just got back from a week in Heaven, I mean a week at the beach!  We went to Myrtle Beach, the beach that I grew up going to every summer.  It was so nostalgic for me to be there again.  I recognized the hotel that we used to stay at without even knowing the name.  I saw the pancake house that we used to eat breakfast at.  I saw where I rode my first roller coaster.  Being there took me straight back to my childhood and all of the good memories that I had with my grandparents.  The whole time we were there I had dreams about them.  Made me miss them so much.

I knew that while we were there I wanted to take pictures of Mya on the beach.  The first day there is the day that I should have done it.  She was happier than I have ever seen her in my life.  The beach was her place!  And then as the week went on, she got really, really sick.  🙁  But she still wanted to go to the beach and spend the days at the pool in the lazy river.  On our last day there, she was feeling better, so I got her up early and took her to the beach to do pictures.  She still loved it but was so worn down from the week and from not sleeping (yeah, we decided to put her and River in the same room….ohhhh boy, nobody slept!)  And the sun was just too bright, even at 7:45!  So I didn’t get the pictures that I had wanted so badly, but I got time alone with my girl.  After we finished taking pictures, we sat on our towel and watched the ocean and the paddle surfers.  It was so peaceful and a time that I’ll never forget.  I miss the beach so much and wish we were still there, but now I have some pictures to remind me of the amazing time that we had.  I love you my sweet, sweet girl!