One Year Old/Asheville Birthday Photographer

My baby bear is turning one this coming week so I did his birthday pictures this weekend.  I’ve been planning and planning his pictures for months now.  I had it in my head that his pictures would be in my studio with it being March.  But this has not been much of a winter and to my surprise it was actually really warm yesterday.  So change of plans.  Why, oh why, did I have a winter baby?  😉  Didn’t I know that my dreams of a first birthday session outside would be squashed?!  I’m having a really hard time with him turning one.  So many emotions have gone through me.  One day I’m happy to see him growing into such a fun, happy little boy and the next I’m crying my eyes out, not wanting to believe that he is growing up.  I’m not sure if it’s because he has been the easiest, happiest baby ever made and I know what comes next:  the terrible two’s!  Or if it’s just because I know he’s our last and I don’t want the time to go so quickly.  Either way, I am sad that he is getting so big so fast.  I’m so sad about it that I keep wondering if we should have just one more.   My brain says, “No way! Are you crazy?!”  But my mom heart says, “Ohhhh yes.  One more sweet little baby!”  😉  And then there’s my husband.  Oh yeah.  Thanks for putting me back on planet Earth, honey!  lol  So happy birthday to the most amazing little man.  You rock my world and have my heart buddy!

My husband got one of me and my little man together.  Sometimes being a photographer has its disadvantages.  I’m not in many pictures with the kids.  But I love this one.