Success!/Asheville Child Valentines Photographer

I did it!  Woohoo!  I got Mya’s pictures taken and it was rather easy, if I do say so myself.  If you follow my blog, you know that Mya has never liked having her picture taken.  Need some examples?  See here, and here, and here.  I could add more, but you get the idea.  So I’ve had my studio all set up and have showed it to her many times to get her used to the idea.  I showed her her shirt that I made for her.  I showed her her pictures from last year.  She even watched me paint this chair.  She wanted to be the first to try it out!  (This chair was something I found at Goodwill thinking it would be an easy, cheap new prop.  Ha!  It ended up costing me nearly $80 after all of the paint!  Good grief!  The silver bucket, on the other hand, was only $5!  Makes up for it.  A little.)  So this morning, we went and got the chair to see how it looked after its final coat of paint and I asked her what she thought about taking her pictures with the chair.  Her response:  “Do I have to take my pajamas off?”  😉  So she got changed and was very excited.  All we had to do was let Papa Bear go first and then she was great!  Yay!  Mission accomplished, again!  So why am I dreading her 4 year pictures when they are still 4 months away?!

 And Papa Bear!  He was a natural!  😉