My Sweetie/Asheville Valentines Photographer

I’ve got my studio all set up, ready for some Valentines pictures coming up with some baby girls, but I couldn’t leave out my baby boy!  So I decided to set something up for him on the side that’s not all pink and frilly!  I’m going to take Mya’s pictures too, but with her, she is a little more difficult.  I have to show her the setup, get it into her mind that I might be taking her pictures coming up soon and then just wait for her to tell me that she wants her picture taken.  That’s why I’m starting in January!  😉  I usually buy her a shirt but this year I decided to be a little crafty and make hers and River’s shirts.  I think I’m now hooked.  First it was the flower headbands and now shirts.  Next thing you know, I’m going to have an Etsy shop.  😉