Rain, Rain, Go Away/Asheville Baby and Child Photographer

My session that I was so looking forward to got rained out today and has to be rescheduled.  Boo!  Since it wasn’t raining here, I decided that I just couldn’t let these strawberries and lemons go to waste.  I’m not sure why I love to torture myself with trying to get Mya to cooperate for pictures.  She was kind of okay about it but then had a few tantrums before we even left the house because she had decided that she didn’t want to go anymore.  I finally just said, “Forget this!”  Then there was another tantrum because she had decided that she did want to go.  Geez Louise!  The girl is killing me!  Somehow we made it to the spot that I have been wanting to go to for a while and it ended up being okay.  River was very happy to be there and then so was Mya after she realized she got to eat a jar of strawberries!