Happy 4th From the Lewis’!/Asheville Family Photographer

What a great 4th of July we had!  4th of July in N.C. is so much different than it was in New York!  In New York, it required a lot of preplanning, walking, tantrums (if you have a toddler-lol), but also the best fireworks anyone could ever imagine!  Here in Asheville, the fireworks require you to drive your car to the spot where you want to sit.  You get out with your chairs and blankets, ball, bubbles,….and you hang out in a big grassy area until the fireworks start.  The fireworks are a lot less dramatic, but the experience is so much less stressful!  So I have to say, I enjoyed being in Asheville this year for another holiday!  Hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing day with some fabulous friends and fireworks!

Thought I would include a family photo so that future clients will know who to look for.  😉  The dark hair is gone and so is the baby bump!