Happy 3rd Birthday, Mya!/Asheville Child Photographer

Wow!  I can’t believe my baby is  turning 3!  In some ways I feel like she was just born, but at the same time, I feel like she’s been with us forever!  I was very excited to do her pictures and have been thinking for a while what I wanted to do.  I loved her pictures from last year.  See here.  But, it was not fun trying to get her to smile for me then.  I had to trick her into taking her pictures.  No, no, I’m not taking pictures of you!  I’m taking pictures of the bluebonnets!  From the time she was about a year old, I could not take her pictures without her screaming and crying!  Since I was in the process of wanting to learn all that I could about photography, this was a huge disappointment to me!  She was my main subject!  Well, lately, all of that has changed and she has loved having her pictures taken!  Yay!  UNTIL yesterday!  Yesterday was the day that we planned on doing her pictures.  It was also the day that we went to the most insane Easter egg hunt in the world.  And it was also the day that we decided that she didn’t need a nap because she woke up so late in the morning.  BAD idea!  She did not want her pictures taken and refused to cooperate.  On top of that, there were only about a million gnats swarming all around us the entire time that I was trying to take her pictures.  I was so ready to lose my mind!  I really don’t know how I got any decent pictures, but somehow I did and I just love them!  Next year, I told Ryder that we are taking her to a portrait studio!  I kid, I kid.  😉  Maybe she will be back to her model loving self by then.  I can only hope!