Oh My!

This evening I had a session with one of the absolutely cutest, happiest babies I’ve ever seen.  He had the biggest blue eyes.  So, so sweet!  Made me very excited to be having a boy.  And his parents were awesome!  I just don’t think there are any people in Manhattan who aren’t super cool.  I usually get a little nervous before each session that I do, just because I am naturally a very shy person, but as soon as I meet the family, that shyness is out the window because so far, everyone here has just been so nice!  This family was no exception and they were fun and so loving towards their precious little baby boy!  I love when I leave a session and all that I remember is laughing and capturing some great moments.  I have many, many more great shots, but wow, it’s almost midnight and I am beat!!  I loved meeting you guys today!  I hope your first Halloween together is just perfect!