It’s Halloween Time!

This morning I did Halloween pictures for my playgroup.  I love doing these types of sessions.  It’s so much fun and I love seeing the kids in their cute little costumes!  I decided to do Mya’s pictures today too.  Poor girl, she was freezing.  I’m not used to having to bundle her up for Halloween.  In Austin, it was burning up on Halloween and she was usually sweating in her costume.  These parents in our group, however, are smart and got the warmest costumes.  Next year, I’ll know better!  See that big Cinderella pumpkin?  I hated to see it just rot, so we decided that we would make some pumpkin soup out of it!  Wow, what a chore, but it was so worth it.  Tomorrow it’s pumpkin seeds and I think I’ll use the rest of the pumpkin to make some pumpkin bread.  Loving fall time up here in the north!

Thank you to all of the parents who met up with me this morning in the FREEZING cold!  I will let you know when your CD’s are ready!