Oh My!

This evening I had a session with one of the absolutely cutest, happiest babies I’ve ever seen.  He had the biggest blue eyes.  So, so sweet!  Made me very excited to be having a boy.  And his parents were awesome!  I just don’t think there are any people in Manhattan who aren’t super cool.  I usually get a little nervous before each session that I do, just because I am naturally a very shy person, but as soon as I meet the family, that shyness is out the window because so far, everyone here has just been so nice!  This family was no exception and they were fun and so loving towards their precious little baby boy!  I love when I leave a session and all that I remember is laughing and capturing some great moments.  I have many, many more great shots, but wow, it’s almost midnight and I am beat!!  I loved meeting you guys today!  I hope your first Halloween together is just perfect!


You Are My Sunshine

Yesterday morning was very cold, gloomy and just all around blah!  As the day went on, the sun started coming out and it started to get warmer.  Close to sunset, I felt the need to go take some pictures since the light was so gorgeous.  Poor Mya!  I got her up from her nap and said, “Come on!  Let’s go take some pictures!”  Her response:  “No!”  The sun wasn’t going to be up for much longer so I did a little bit of begging and pleading and finally after some major hauling butt, we made it to the park just in time.

Mya is totally obsessed with picking berries, everywhere we go!!  She doesn’t want to eat them.  She just sticks them in her pockets and says they are for her “wedding”.  Such a silly girl!


New Yorkers!

Whoever said that New Yorkers are rude hasn’t met my N.Y. clients!  Maybe I’m just lucky but so far, all of the clients that I’ve had here are over the top nice!  I just love hanging out with them and getting to know them and their families!  This family, for example, met up with me this morning on one of the coldest mornings we’ve had yet since it has started cooling off.  They were some of the nicest people ever.  It was extremely windy and pretty chilly for a girl from Texas, but I had a lot of fun with these folks so I didn’t mind it one bit.  It was so nice meeting you guys today!  Good luck in your move!  Here’s a little sneak peek for you.  🙂

I walk past this door at least 3 times a week and I keep telling myself, “One day, I’m going to use that door!”  Today was the day!

Whirled Peas

Today we went to Central Park just to walk around because it’s such a beautiful day and because Mya just loves to pick up leaves, acorns, sticks,…;)  We totally forgot that today would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday and there was a big celebration going on in Strawberry Fields.  People were playing music and everyone was singing along.  They sang, “You’ve got to hide your love away….” and I was singing along.  Mya looked at me and said, “Momma, why is he hiding?”  hehe  Happy birthday to an amazing songwriter who changed music forever!  You are missed!