Fashion Photography??

So this is the most exciting week in NYC!  It’s Fashion Week y’all and I can’t even explain how excited that makes me!!  While teaching, I decided at one point that I really would like to get into photography and started taking a class at the local college at night.  It was hard because I knew absolutely nothing!  One day the professor asked me, “So what type of photography do you want to do?”  And with a truly honest answer, I replied, “Fashion photography.”  I really did!  He just looked at me, smirked and said, “Oh, okay,” and walked away.  Well, okay then!  I’ve always been into fashion, as long as I can remember.  Even as a little girl, my sister and I used to put on fake fashion shows on the hearth of my grandparent’s fireplace.  Okay, so maybe I secretly wanted to be a model but as I got older I realized, um, not going to happen.  I love to eat way too much!  lol  Today we went to Lincoln Center which just happens to be a few blocks from our apartment to check out the excitement of Fashion Week.  As we got closer, my heart just started racing!  When we got there, there wasn’t a whole lot to see but then we started seeing celebrities and I just made a tiny fool out of myself.  We first saw Miss Jay from America’s Next Top Model, one of my favorite shows in the world, and well, I grabbed onto my mother-in-law’s shoulders and started jumping up and down saying, “Oh my gosh!!!”  Next we saw Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi and I held it together a little better that time.  😉  Just being there made me realize that man, why didn’t I really try to get into fashion photography like I’ve always dreamed?  I could be in there watching these shows, taking pictures of these amazing clothes, rather than standing outside watching everyone go in in their fancy heels and designer get-ups!  I guess life sometimes takes a turn one way and the next thing you know you’re a mom, staying home, cleaning the house and cooking dinner each night.  While we were at Lincoln Center my MIL even said, “Girl, your eyes are just light up!  You really should go for it!”  Maybe one day.  But really, how could I ever succeed in such a tough business in the fashion capital of the world?  Who knows where life will take me, but maybe one day my photos will end up in the pages of Vogue.

But since now I am a family photographer, today I decided that it was time to take some pictures of my own family!  Before we moved from Austin, I had set up a date to do pictures of my in-laws with Mya.  Well, Ryder and I visited NY in February, immediately came back and put our house on the market, sold everything we owned, and our house sold in a couple of weeks and then that date that I had set aside for pictures ended up turning into the date that we would be flying out of Austin to move to our new home in NYC.  So I never got any pictures of Mya with her grandparents.  Well, today was the day!  We went to Central Park to walk around and it was just a beautiful day!  So this may not be fashion, but right now it’s my passion.  🙂